Core Asset Management


FUND NAME:                                        COVAMF

Fund Manager:                                    Core Asset Management Limited.

Issuing House:                                    Core Trust & Investment Limited

Trustees to the Fund:                         FBNQuest Trustees Limited

Target Investors: 
Middle and upper class individuals, retail investors and institutional investors’ resident within and outside Nigeria.

The Offer: 
10,000,000 Units of N100.00 each at N100.00 per unit (or the US$ equivalent) in the CORE VALUE MIXED FUND.

Nature of the Fund: 
COVAMF is an actively managed open-ended Unit Trust Scheme designed specifically for investment in identified outlets with growth potentials by pooling of funds from individual members of the public and companies and the investment  of such funds  in equities  listed on the Nigerian Stock  Exchange,  Corporate  Bonds,  Eurobonds  and other  fixed income money market securities as determined by the Fund Manager in accordance with the Trustee Investments Act, the Investments and Securities Act, and the Securities and Exchange Commission’s Rules and Regulations, the Trust Deed and supplemental Deeds thereto (“the Applicable Regulations”).

The Fund shall initially be constituted from the proceeds of sale of 10,000,000 Units in the Fund under the Initial Public Offer

Price: N100.00 per Unit or the US$ equivalent

Minimum Subscription: 50 units at N100.00 per unit (or the US$ equivalent) and in multiples of 10 units thereafter.

Payment: In full on application.

Redemption shall be made on any working day of the week. Redemption payments will be made to the Unit Holder 5 business days after the relevant Valuation Date at the Net Asset Value ruling on the Valuation Date following the date of receipt of the written Redemption Notice. Redemptions within the minimum holding period (91 days) from the date of subscription for units will attract a fee in an amount equal       to 20% of the income accrued on the Redemption proceeds.

Registrar to the Fund:   First Registrars Limited


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